Supply Chain & Procurement

The Importance of Supply Chain & Procurement in a Global Environment
Effective supply chain management and procurement has taken on greater strategic importance and has become critical to the success of companies operating across the breadth of global industry. Whether through satisfying customer demand, meeting production schedules, sourcing and procurement, or managing relationships with stakeholders and suppliers’, recruiting the best supply chain professionals can hugely impact the success of a company.

In Humanostics Careers we have an in-depth understanding of Procurement & Supply Chain Management, and can tailor recruitment solutions for a wide variety of positions.

Our services can be utilised in any procurement & supply chain function:
• Supply Chain Management
• Procurement
• Fulfilment
• Transport & Logistics Management
• Inventory Control
• Materials Management
• Contract Management
• 3rd party Logistics
• Manufacturing Operations
• Supply/Demand Planning
• Production Planning
• Quality Control