Candidate Assessment is a service offered to our clients who have already identified talented managers, leaders or specialists for potential hiring, but who need professional assistance in assessing the candidate. Each assessment involves an in-depth personal interview with one of our partners, supplemented with the use of relevant personality and cognitive tests.




How does the Assessment process work?

We start by developing a Job Profile (PRO) for the position, in consultation with the hiring manager and other relevant people. This describes the ideal traits and characteristics a candidate should have for a particular position. The candidate completes a personality survey (PI) and a cognitive test (PLI). An in-depth interview is conducted by one of our partners. In some cases an occupational psychologist or an expert is brought in). We provide a detailed feedback to the hiring manager, followed by a comprehensive written report describing the person’s strengths, weaknesses and predicted “fit” with the position and the organisation as a whole.

We provide detailed feedback on such characteristics as:
• Intellectual capacity and problem-solving style
• Emotional characteristics and coping style
• Needs and motivations
• Insight and capacity for personal growth
• Interpersonal and team behavior, fit with culture
• Management and work style
• Developmental areas and potential risks

Benefits of Candidate Assessment
• Standardises the selection process and criteria
• Reduces the risk of “mis-hires”
• Helps the organisation identify high performers
• Reduces likelihood of turnover
• Reduces the risk of team conflict and lack of culture fit
• Helps hiring managers think through the decision process
• Provides insight and tools for development after a successful hire